Spanish Flavors

Spanish Tapas (20-25 Guest)

A good combination of the Best Spain has to offer, includes, Spanish Omelet, Manchego Cheese, Dry- cured Chorizo, Serrano Ham and our Delicious Garlic Shrimp. (Around 200 Bites)

Iberico Platters

Small Platter (2-6 guest)

Medium (6-10Guest)

Large (10-15 Guest)

XL Platter (15-20 Guest)

This Platters have an exquisite variety of flavors, including Serrano Ham, Manchego Cheese, Brie cheese, Goat Cheese, marmalade, Fruits, Spanish sausage, Crackers, Olives, and much more !!!

Spanish Omelet

Original Spanish omelet with eggs, potatoes, sweet onions using the original
recipe, cuted in diamond shaped-bite-size portions (50 bites per order)

Garlic Shrimp (50 bites per order)

Our Delicious Large peeled pink Shrimp Seasoned.

Boquerones (Cantabrian Anchovies)

Spanish delicacies of small fresh Anchovies preserved in olive oil and prepared with light vinaigrette. Served with Mini toast. (50 bites per order)

Galician Octopus -Pulpo a la Gallega

Our Traditional Spanish Recipe of Galician Octopus served in a bed on boiled Potatoes with olive oil salt and Paprika on the top. (Calculate for 8-10 p/tray)

Spanish Chorizo

Spanish sausage thin-sliced, served with crackers (50 bites per order)


The Most Delicious Spanish Sausage cuted like pincho size portions and lightly stir-fried in extra virgin olive oil. (50 bites per order)

Jamon Serrano

Imported Spanish Ham is dry cured and served in the thin slices, served with melon, crackers or breadsticks. (50 bites per order)

Mini Montaditos

Combination of Thinly sliced ham & cheese or chorizo & cheese, Smoke salmon & Cream Cheese, Serrano ham & manchego, etc, on crispy French baguette cut into triangle biteb sizes sandwiches. (50 bites per order)